About us


Sometimes change is being thrust upon us by external forces, and at other times we may take active decisions that we want to adapt, change and thrive.  The Business of Change specialises in the area of personal development, and organisational change.

Are you flourishing? Is your business flourishing? Are you prepared to take your success to the next level?  Have you reached your maximum potential – or do you think there’s a bit more gas in the tank?

The Business of Change works with you and your business to increase your performance.  Whether your goals are in sharp focus or a bit hazy we can work with you to define them, and ultimately achieve them.

We’re a small team of business professionals and we work individuals and teams or departments to increase organisational performance underpinned by the science of positive psychology, which translates into practical exciting solutions for our clients.

The Business of Change

The Business of Change is a boutique consultancy.  We (Suzanne Hazelton and Angus Lyon) founded this consultancy, and we  work with Individuals, teams and organisations, working with them to THRIVE! Between us we have more than 25 years of Corporate Experience working at executive level in IBM and Microsoft we speak the language of business.

We offer a range of coaching and consultancy services including organisational and executive development and employee engagement.  Most of our clients appreciate discretion and don’t like the “hard sell”.  Our aim through this website is to provide you with some great content that you can use straight away.  We’d love your feedback.

About You

Our clients are all different, but the one thing they have in common is that they want to or have to change.  The reasons behind personal change are varied, whether health, happiness, job security, fulfillment or a niggle that they’re capable of much more – and would like to make changes to perform to their maximum potential.  When it comes to team change the drivers are typically more business related – how to develop a high performing team.  A team that delivers more than it is currently delivering, and performing to a higher standard.