Delivering Business Change to you or your Organisation

Is it time for your business to change?  The Business of Change offers training, coaching and consulting services throughout the UK, which can be delivered by an associate network offering you assurance that the service does not have a “single point of failure” but is robust, and can deliver at multiple locations simultaneously.

Whilst employees might be staying with your business because of the recession – it doesn’t mean they are motivated, engaged and delivering value to your business.  Since establishing The Business of Change in 2011, demand for my (our) services has grown.  Sometimes I might not be the best person to deliver the engagement, whether coaching, consultancy or training- so I now work with a number of associates.

Within The Business of Change in addition to myself (Suzanne Hazelton), I also work with a number of associates.

Some of my associates have experience in different sectors (public sector), and a couple are experienced with different age ranges.  (I work mainly in the private sector with business leaders and their teams).  They also cover a range of geographic areas which enables services of The Business of Change to be delivered across the UK – and further afield as required.

All of my associates are trained in the framework used by The Business of Change.

Contact us to discuss your business requirements – but rest assured that The Business of Change has inbuilt resilience to deliver programmes large and small, pretty much wherever you are in the UK, and to whatever audience you’re working with – as long as it’s about THRIVING!