About Suzanne Hazelton

About Suzanne Hazelton

I’m Suzanne Hazelton - informal pictureSuzanne Hazelton. I’m a leadership coach and positive psychologist.  I often describe myself as a peopleologist – because most of my work involves the people side of you and your business.*   I work with individuals and teams to THRIVE!

I deliver a range of coaching and training programmes designed to improve the performance of both you and your team to drive profit and growth in your business. I have extensive experience at IBM and elsewhere, and have written two books, Raise Your Game and Great Days at Work.  I’ve got a Master’s degree in positive psychology, I’m NLP  (MPract) trained and have also undertaken psychotherapy training.

I work with people on building what’s often known as “soft skills”, communications, leadership, assertiveness – I’ve done this in the corporate sector and have trained thousands of people. After working with so many people I’ve noticed some key themes that hold people back from achieving their best, and as a result, the best for your organisation. When an individual in an organisation feels that they are doing their best, and that is not externally recognised, it can be a slow downward spiral.

Strong business background: I have 15 years of corporate business experience, in a range of jobs, from working in technical (IT) environments, I’ve managed people, and international projects.

Learning consultancy for organisations: As a learning consultant I’ve worked with business leaders to understand the change required from the organisational perspective and then develope and deliver learning and development programmes to increase business effectiveness. I bring experience in training needs analysis (TNA), content design & development and performance management.

Internationally experienced trainer & facilitator: I have over seven years of experience delivering behavioural change training in the corporate world. I’ve travelled extensively, and regularly delivered training to international audiences. I enjoy working with groups and individuals – making shift happen!

Qualifications: In addition to a batchellors degree in Industrial and Business Systems, and a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology, I hold a certificate in management and accredited in several psychometric approaches including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the FIRO-B instrument and NLP(MPrac). I’ve completed advanced Psychotherapy (Transactional Analysis) training.

Additional interests: Suzanne’s interest is wellness, and personal excellence and is a founder member of Positive Psychology in Business, a group of business professionals with an interest in applying Positive Psychology in the workplace. For a bit more about me – take a look here


Raise Your Game - How to build on your successes to achieve transformational resultsMy first book Raise Your Game -is available on AmazonGreat Days at Work - Suzanne Hazelton

My second book Great Days at Work (in press, Kogan Page) is available for pre-order on Amazon


Contact information: I’m delighted to speak with you for a free consultation. Either send me an email [email protected] or give me a call on 0779 555 7623 – If I’m training, I will return your call within 12 hours.

Find Suzanne Hazelton on twitterI would be delighted if you wanted to connect with me over twitter: www.twitter.com/suzannehazelton

LinkedIn for Johnson FellowesFor more about my career history, check out my LinkedIn profile: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/suzannehazelton

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I work intensively with small groups or individuals to reverse the downward drain of energy (both the individual and the organisation’s) and to begin the upward spiral of success. Why not call me for a free no obligation consultation: 0779 555 7623. Alternatively send me an email [email protected]

I’m Suzanne Hazelton. I describe myself as a peopleologist. I work with individuals and organisations to THRIVE!

*(plus it’s been a great conversation starter at networking events)