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Individual Thriving

Are you readying yourself for your next success?  Sometimes your second or third success can seem harder than the first one – you’re in a more comfortable position than when you first set out in your career or business and there’s potentially more at risk.  The Business of Change offers personal development programmes.

Perhaps your business or career has started to plateau … or you might have woken up and realised that you’re in a rut, or that you’ve truly begun to stagnate and you want to CHANGE.

My cat doesn’t pounce without a ‘readiness wiggle’. Have you done yours?

Team Thriving

A collective of individuals who thrive, working towards a common goal might be described as a thriving team.  Whether you’re looking to take your team from good to great, or whether you haven’t got a clue as to the first place to start – no matter!

Many people find themselves in leadership positions because of their “functional skills”, and not necessarily their “people” skills.  No matter – people and leadership skills can be learnt!

You’ve probably heard the terms employee ‘morale’ and employee engagement.  You might have come across the term ‘team spirit’ – whether you want individual coaching to develop a thriving team, or whether you want to give your employees a booster event – to uplift them and get them re-focused on your business – these are services that The Business of Change can provide you with.

Thriving Businesses

If your a business owner, or own “the P&L” for your department, we offer business coaching programmes to enable your business to thrive – AND for you to see the results on the bottom line.  Guaranteed.  Take a look at our sister site:  Johnson Fellowes.co.uk for more information on our business coaching programmes which are guaranteed to grow your business.