Entrepreneurs Succeed With Us

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Suzanne Hazelton is a contributing author to the book:  Entrepreneurs Succeed With Us.

Entrepreneures Succeed With Us






More information about Entrepreneurs Succeed With Us and the team behind the book can be found on this website:  www.entrepreneurssucceedwithus.com

When Suzanne left the corporate world as an employee, her eyes were opened to the world of entrepreneurship.  Although The Business of Change is still a fledgling business as compared to some of the multi-million pound business owners she coaches – what she does bring is insights and experience of how some thinking patterns hold back business owners.  Suzanne is keen to share her wisdom.  She hopes that by you growing your business, that you will provide employment opportunities for others – or at least spend some of your money within the local economy and and contribute to a thriving society!  Suzanne enjoys coaching business owners who have the ultimate responsibility for the growth of their business.  Don’t let your mindset stop you!