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I strongly believe that successful individuals have a disproportionately positive affect on society.  I want to enable more people to be THAT successful.

Here are some free resources for you to use.  It includes a couple of free chapters from my books, slideshare presentations, YouTube clip and other bits and pieces (values and a visualisation)

Free chapters

Raise Your Game – chapter 8 – positive emotions

Great Days at Work – chapter 10 – working with others


Webinar for Psychologies Magazine:  Psychologies Magazine


Values as a path to happiness and fulfilment

From stressing to thriving

Great days

Getting a grip of time

Success mentality


Cherries – negative has more impact (the reason we should pay more attention to the positive):

What is assertiveness

Trailer for Great Days At Work



Just knowing what your values are can be motivating.  Download the Values Cards, cut them out – and find what are your top values.  Write them out and keep them to hand and whenever you find yourself stuck with a decision, or procrastinating over a decision, check it out against your values.  Which value does the activity or decision support?  Is there something that’s competing with the activity?

More information on how to use the values cards can be found in Chapter 6 of Raise Your Game


For a short visualisation on success, listen here: Visualising Success – Suzanne Hazelton