Great Days at Work

Stress or Great Days at Work – Free Chapter

Take control of you live and experience great days at workI’m a specialist in behavioural change and personal thriving, and one aspect of thriving is to have great days at work. You might wonder why “thriving”? I sometimes use a scale from -5 to +5. At -5 there is stress for the individual – which if that’s you, is not a great place to be. If you’re a business leader – stress can negatively impact the business bottom line, and causes havoc to projects in terms of lost productivity, absenteeism – and colleagues who have to pick up the slack – which often detracts from having a high performing team. At the other end of the scale at +5 are individuals who thrive, who are “engaged” at work, are engaged and motivated, and willing to go the extra mile for customers or colleagues. This of course has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Within organisations “stress management” and “employee engagement” are often hot potatoes – thrown about with departments knowing the impact but not really knowing what to do. My experience is in training both professionals and leaders – and I know that when given the right tools, professionals can implement them in their own life. I wrote this book for professionals, for you to take control and become empowered in making decisions which will give you great days at work.

Here is a sample chapter, chapter 10 which is about the importance of relationships at work. “Social relationships” are key to personal well-being. Outside of work we can choose who we spend time with – however there can be much to be gained personally by developing our relationships – but often this is not a skill we’re trained in. Additionally, many of us now have to work with others to get work done – and this gradual shift from individual contributor to team player means that many of us have to develop a new set of skills.

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