Speaker Profile – Suzanne Hazelton

Keynote Speaker:  Suzanne Hazelton

Suzanne Hazelton is a leadership coach, positive psychologist, author and keynote speaker working with individuals and teams to THRIVE!  Suzanne is based in Surrey, but has traveled to speaking engagements as far afield as South Africa and America.

Suzanne is an experienced coach, trainer and an NLP (MPrac) – she’s trained and coached over 3500 people.  She has training in psychotherapy, a Masters’ degree in positive psychology and is a practitioner of psychometric tools such as Myers Briggs and Firo-B.  She’s the author of two books which bring the science of positive psychology to a business audience (and is a contributing author to a third book).  Whether it’s leaders, professionals or entrepreneurs she loves bringing insights to your audiences, to inspire them to make collective small personal change which can add up to a big difference for the organisation.

All speeches are tailored to the occasion and are interactive.  Suzanne stimulates audiences, promotes discussion and interaction which makes learning memorable and fun.

Suzanne has spoken at events hosted by IBM, Wipro, Key Person of Influence, Entrevo and BCS (British Computing Society).  Audiences have ranged from senior managers, employees and business entrepreneurs.

She blends business focus and task oriented thinking with human psychology and behaviour, which allows people to understand why inhibitors to performance may exist and to explore what actions they can take to improve things.”  IBM

Suzanne Hazelton is highly qualified, well researched and well written and is a thoroughly experienced and grounded presenter.”  Key Person of Influence

Suzanne has a personality and style which allow people to freely accept what she is saying and act upon her suggestions.” Key Person of Influence

She really does have a wealth of practical knowledge and how-to’s which she can deploy in response to her client’s needs.”  IBM

As a keynote Suzanne holds the audience and in my opinion she is the ideal presenter for already successful, business people looking for substance, a challenge and inspiration.”  Entrevo Events

Suzanne’s speaking themes are around individual and team thriving.  Generally she shares some ‘secrets’ of success which come from the field of positive psychology – the science of well-being, happiness and motivation.   These can take the form of a keynote speech for a larger conference or interactive workshops with groups.

Workshop Topics

Suzanne is a contributor to media and is an author of two books about personal empowerment, positive psychology and leadership as cornerstones of organisational success.  Her published books are Raise Your Game (Panoma Press, 2012), contributing author to Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us (Troubador Press, 2013,) and Great Days at Work (Kogan Page) will be published in July 2013.

Suzanne Hazelton can provide:

  • Keynote speeches
  • Event speeches & seminars
  • ½ day interactive workshops
  • 1 day interactive workshops

Call Suzanne to discuss the specific needs of your business / event.


Surrey: 01252 311 279