Workshop Topics

Workshop, Seminar and Speaker Topics

Here are a range of topics that Suzanne Hazelton can present in an interactive way to your business as a way to energize and motivate teams and enable them to thrive!  See the speaker profile for Suzanne Hazelton

Please note – I customise all keynotes / presentations / seminars to the audience.  I give you my slides because a keynote, seminar or workshop with me is so much more than the slides!

Great Days at Work

With stress at work contributing to 40% of cases of absenteeism – what’s the alternative?  Motivated employees are good for business productivity, however motivation is often seen as something done to someone – but we can be motivated from within.  Discover the tools for igniting motivation in the workplace – and watch the business results.

Here’s a link to a Great Days presentation I gave at The Berne Institute in January 2013.

Emotions in the Workplace

7 reasons positive emotions will boost your business.  Emotions are contagious – whilst emotions at work might be seen as taboo, Suzanne draws on evidence based research to show that positive emotions can be contributory in business success.  There can be different titles for this, logic and emotion is one I’m working on now for a large keynote in September.

Here’s a blog on emotions which shows the 7 benefits of positive emotions

Success Mentality

Mental ‘secrets’ of success.  Shh – She can’t tell you more here – but call Suzanne to find which mental secrets will be the key to unlocking potential in your people and your organisation.

I gave a presentation on 3 Tips for Success to business entrepreneurs


Psychology of selling.  The psychology of buying.  We all think we communicate well – Suzanne shows how we can take our communication skills to a more advanced level for increased influence in the workplace.

Here’s the slides from a 90 minute workshop on The Psychology of Selling given to micro-businesses.

Here’s slides from a workshop on Effective Business Communication given in a corporate environment.


When it comes to time, in which direction are you facing?  Which direction is needed for business success?  There are rich learnings to be had from the past – but often individuals spend too much time looking backwards, rather than forward looking.  Bring awareness to a major source of time loss within organisations and increase organisational efficiency and set your organisation up with learning from the psychology of time.

Here are some controversial slides on the topic of time and time use from a Salon at Blacks private members’ club.

How could these add value to your business?

Contact Suzanne Hazelton if you would like to discuss how any of these could be applied in your business, and what the likely business benefits will be.