What Others Have Said about Suzanne Hazelton

Earlier in May, Suzanne Hazelton ran a 90 minute workshop on The Psychology of Selling: How do you like to be sold to at The Farnham Hub, a venue for connecting micro-businesses in Farnham, Surrey.  Here’s what attendees said.

Thank you Suzanne for providing an entertaining and hands on insight into the ways in which different people might respond differently to my sales material. Emma The Farnham Hub

Thank you for a very informative workshop.  It was an extremely interesting in identifying psychological types and seeing how you can use this information to sell.  Jane I love 2 blog 4 you

The workshop has given me great food for thought on how to reach out to more people, and different types of people in my clothes business.  Very informative and inspiring.  Rebecca Thursday’s Child

By exploring our own types we understood better the interaction with others.  Nina – Nina Westley Mobile Beauty Therapist – Farnham

Other quotes:

Suzanne has a personality and style which allow people to freely accept what she is saying and act upon her suggestions. It is rare to find a Positive Psychologist who can so easily carry people forward to such inspiration.    Dr Harley Farmer

My clients are owner-managers, MDs and senior managers. They are intelligent and qualified and honestly they are usually well trained. They are looking for material that is well researched, highly relevant, practical and with great take away value. Suzanne Hazelton is highly qualified, well researched and well written and is a thoroughly experienced and grounded presenter. As a trainer you will be hard pressed to find one as capable. As a keynote she will hold an audience and in my opinion she is the ideal presenter for already successful, business women looking for substance, a challenge and inspiration.  Andrew Priestley – Business Coach

Finding a suitable speaker for your event can be tough, you might have questions as to whether they have the energy, whether they will hold your audience’s interest or whether it will be suitable for the audience you have.  You might wish to see a bit more about the type of speaking engagements Suzanne Hazelton has been involved with.